beyone the sandwich - alternative luch ideas

Beyond the Sandwich: Alternative Lunch Ideas

Even the classic sandwich can be a repetitive snack. You might love your lunchtime toppings, but it’s probably time you ditched the same old sandwiches for tasty wraps and salads. There are so many different ways you can vary your lunch and keep it healthy. Here are our ideas for a sandwich-free lunch:

Mexican chicken wraps

Quick and simple, the Mexican chicken wraps are a great alternative to a sandwich. Fill each wrap with guacamole, sliced tomatoes and chicken pieces. Be sure to customise the wraps however you wish, but remember to fold over both ends tightly. For an even easier (and tastier!) lunch time treat, why not use Taste Inc Spicy Chargrilled Chicken Fillets – that’s your lunch wrapped up!

Full recipe here

Spring rolls

Spring rolls ensure for a super healthy lunch. These crispy roles can be packed with lettuce leaves, pork, vegetables, cheese and shrimp. You’ll be able to taste every filling, no matter the ingredients. These are tasty light bites that are easy to prepare and ensure maximum flavour.

Full recipe here

Cheesy chicken quesadilla  

Ideal for both kids and adults, cheesy chicken quesadilla are toasted tortilla wedges. The best toppings to slap between the flavoursome tortillas, include sliced chicken, cheddar, white and cabbage, and spring onions. Simply place the mixture in a bowl, while pre-heating the grill. This lightweight, quick snack can be cooked in around 10 minutes. We tried this recipe out using our Taste Inc Chicken Fillets: super easy and super tasty!

Full recipe here

Roasted vegetable and ham pasta salad

For those who love a colourful lunch, this pasta salad is the way to go. A mix of roasted vegetables and cheesy pasta, this is a great addition to your lunchbox. Although it can take around half an hour to prepare, it only takes a few simple steps to reach perfection. Simply boil the pasta in a large bowl, while roasting the vegetables. Then, add the vegetables to the bowl and stir the mixture. After you get a taste of this pasta salad, sandwiches will quickly become a thing of the past!

Full recipe here

Always be creative with your lunch. Sandwiches don’t have to be the go-to all the time. So, whip up one of our recommended snacks for a nutritious, fun lunch.